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An exciting spring ahead for INSITE

In December ...

The Gallery, owned by Chris Stackowicz and Ben Roseland, opened in River Rock, sponsoring local, regional, and national artists. These two talented, local artists are committed to bringing interesting, new and insightful art to the community. The Gallery will help to further the creative and cultural community goals that INSITE has for River Rock in Mishawaka. In addition, we are excited to announce that our next project River Gate in Plymouth, is currently under construction and that River Art, our new project in Goshen, is now in design development.

In the next few weeks Tule’ Massage Studio, owned by TaMara Kampondeni, an experienced practitioner in the massage arts, will open next to the Gallery. TaMara’s vision for providing the best quality massage care is an amazing addition to River Rock's amenities. It is businesses like Tule’ that are an important part of fulfilling INSITE’s vision for a creative, caring, holistic community not only in our buildings but the larger community around our projects as well. Here at INSITE we are thankful that the towns in which our projects are located have been supportive of our commitment to providing better living and working environments.

Also, in the weeks to come INSITE will open its development office in River Rock, expressing our growth and continued commitment to developing similar projects throughout northern Indiana and beyond. This is all with the purpose of bringing thoughtful, architecturally intelligent and site sensitive, contemporary design that reflects the area’s regeneration, redevelopment, financial and professional growth.

Later this spring, The Bar Method, a state of the art fitness program will open in River Rock, completing the Mishawaka Avenue retail storefront. This street facade, along with our development and property management offices, the art gallery, massage studio, and unique fitness space will be an important and elegant addition to the building and to the community at large. It also represents INSITE’s commitment to the high quality services which support and enhance our vision for a healthy, culturally oriented living and working space that we can all be happy in.

As the Managing Partner of INSITE, I would like to express my gratitude to these new members of our community and to all our fine tenants who have chosen to live with us.


Scott Sivan, Architect


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