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The Amenity Life

This is the first blog post of Insite, our architecturally driven real estate development company dedicated to providing high quality urban communities in small cities and towns across the Midwest and U.S.

Historically, small cities and towns have not received the kind of architecturally conceived, urbanistic and culturally considered developments that Insite has created in River Rock, its flagship project in Mishawaka, Indiana. Our highly anticipated second project River Gate, now in construction in Plymouth, Indiana is moving forward with the stylized romance, individuality, and artistic sensibility that are key aspects of our design.

The Gallery of Roseland & Stackowicz Studios, soon to open in River Rock, will become the regional center for contemporary and avant garde art. Along with its sister storefront space in Plymouth, it will promote and present artists from all over the U.S. The Gallery will invigorate the dialogue and cultural character our small cities and towns desire and seek.

River Art in Goshen will take the next step in this artistic, architectural and cultural development with a combination of high style contemporary architecture, publicly open sculpture park, café and three-story art and design gallery. River Art will become the focal point in the growth of the city by linking the art’s district in Goshen with the downtown and community at large.

From the time Frank Lloyd Wright proposed the great expansion into suburbs following World War II, based on ideas and policies he inspired with his Broadacre City concept (1945). The exodus from the small towns and cities which had been the heart and soul of American cultural life, it’s pride and power, lead a procession to the near abandonment of these venerable places. Americans were offered an alternative vision of green front lawns with large backyards for kids to play in. The American Dream culminated in the invention of the suburb. A fairytale it seems, in which to a large degree it was accessible to few but desired by many.

Driving became a way of life, the shopping mall replaced the town square and main street as the meeting place. Churches, synagogues, later temples and mosques became the congregating halls disconnected from the larger social fabric. The suburbs were part of the new order of American life, reorienting and in many cases disorienting the traditional community environment.

Now nearly 75 years of the suburban experiment is being reconsidered. Empty-nesters are leaving their large suburban homes for the freedom of movement, freedom from housework, and maintenance of the sprawling lawn that once seemed so enchanting. Young professionals from millennials to the X generation prefer the flexibility, fun, convenience and chic ambiance that living in the downtown brings. They, along with the forward-thinking families of our small towns share the desire to walk, bike, and fully participate in the amenity life that Insite’s projects and those like them are here to serve.

There is a change, which has already manifested in large cities across the country, where the trend has taken hold based on architectural and real estate pioneers. These visionaries understood the depth and value of the New Urbanism movement and even earlier, the Post-modern re-evaluation of the City in all it’s complex, cultural, artistic and social diversity.

Insite is dedicated to bringing out the best vision, the context, the community at large, for affordable prices to serve our residents and the greater urban goal of revitalizing life in the small towns and cities in the Midwest and the U.S. Which is why we use a modern contemporary aesthetic and design palette. Because it remains fresh, alive, potent with possibility. We see the enhancement of the light, view, air, space, and overall architectural experience as critical to the community success and individual pleasure that anyone can enjoy in the projects we build.

Thank you reading our first blog post.

Sincerely, with great appreciation for this opportunity,

Scott Sivan, Architect

Managing Partner

Insite Development


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